Dragon Age Beginnings

Wading In

The party observed the camp for a period of time before making there move. Just before they launched an attack they also noticed another figure observing the camp. Antonio, Gui and Rugaro snuck in. Antonio and Gui released the horses to cause confusion while Rugaro proceeded to search for his sister.
Taking the camp by surprise and sowing confusion the overwhelmed the defender dispatching Waldric. During the fighting the figure spotted early joined in fighting the bandits though whether friend of foe they did not know yet.
After the fighting they gathered up as many horses and prisoners as the could and headed for Waldric’s tent while Rugaro managed to free his sister. Amoung Waldric’s stolen goods, which they agreed to return as much as could be identified, was an Orb. It quickly became obvious this was the reason that Birgid, the new arrival was here. She was tasked to place the Orb back where it belonged to strengthen the magical barrier sealing off the Deep Roads and the Dark Spawn. Also they discovered a book detailing Waldric’s connection to Bann Trumhall!
After some heated discussion they headed back to Logerswald returning stolen goods and rallying the people to back the deposed Bann Krole in light of their evidence. Gathering some of the towns people they marched to Krole’s residence laying out what they had uncovered and with the support of the people and the few remaining soldiers loyal to Krole they proceeded to Bann Trumhall’s camp


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