Dragon Age Beginnings

A Bann Too Many
up to now

The group continued on to the Ruswold valley and upon first entering encountered a small band of ragged men who harrassed them for awhile at their camp before moving on.

In the morning they travelled further into the valley following the road where they encountered a small patrol of riders who escorted the rest of the way to Bann Trumhall’s encampment.

The met with the Bann who explained the issue of the raiders attacking the outlaying lodgings and the logging camps, logging being the main industry here. They made a deal of payment in 6mo time plus any loot from the raiders.

They spent the rest of the day and night there partaking in some gambling with the troops and learning the lay of the land. They learned the Bann is new taking over, by a vote of landholders, from Bann Krole and that the raiders seem to be operating from within the Brecilian Forest.

They then proceeded to the village of Logerswold but were intercepted by an invite to Manor Krole of the formar Bann. The Bann opologized rather gruffly for the harrasment by some of his former staff when they firsy arrived, explaining how most of his staff he had to let go with the recent turn of events. he then answered a few questions before being interrupted by a commotion outside the gates. Heading out to see what was going on they discovered a overturned wagon on fire some distance from the gate and the party ran out to investigate.

Upon approaching the wagon they came under arrow attack but managed to quickly halt the ambush capturing one raider and chasing the rest away. They were helped by Rugaro who had been following the bandits.

The prisoner was brought back to the manor where he was “questioned” by Krole’s blacksmith but revealed little. They soon continued into town but made some friends amoung the men before leaving.

They quickly took stock of the small town finding a place to stay at “The Sign of the Spreading Tree” and also noting the location of the Chantry and the main logging mill. They met the stablehand at the inn who explained the difficulties of the Brecilian Forest as well as the inn owner and daughter, Liwis and Dealia who mentioned the circumstance behind the change of Banns.

Dalish Curse

The party found the source of the corruption in old ruin along with some Dalish prisoners.

They released the prisoners and after finding out that Mal with a group of Dalish that had been corrupted into Revengers were heading back to Vintiver to wreak havok they made haste back to the village.

They arrived in time to witness Coalon battling Mythallen before the blacksmith was cut down. Quickly jumping in to help the townsfolk defend the village they won the day but much damage was done as well as townsfolk hurt. Coalon got his dying words out to Evrath claiming that The Maker will judge them both for their deeds while the Revengers having been released from the curse turned back to Dalish Elves and those that had died were buried by the remaining Dalish.

The next day the group were visited by Tarl Dale the village warden who thanked them but also warned then that they may not be welcome for long after Evrath had so obviously displayed the use of magic as an Apostate.

They left early but Tillan stayed to join the Dalish and Gui wished to help the villagers some more before rejoining the party in the Roswold valley.

The Dalish Curse
part 2

While staying in Vintiver Antonio was visited by the Town Warden, Tarl Dale as well as being joined by Gui, an Orlesian. Antonio and Gui made their way out to the farm where the rest of the companions were stayng and prepared to follow Eshara to the shrine she had escaped from.

The party left the farm and after a short time were set upon by angry villagers led by the town blacksmith, Coulan. Scaring most of them away and knocking 2 out, including Coulan, they continued on arriving at the old elvish camp. They discovered footprints and debris indicating that survivors had been led away.

Camping at the site with glyphs of protection they were attacked by a number of blighted creatures which after a bloody fight they managed to defeat. they are now preparing to head into the thick Brecelian Forest to find the shrine and any survivors.

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