Fereldan Freeman


Ruhk’s Backstory

  • Son of a farmer
  • Hard worker
  • Always looking to get rich quick
  • Gambles, drinks, and sleeps around
  • Started adventuring to pay off gambling debt
  • Reluctant adventurer
  • Barroom brawler
  • Thinks Nobility is good, as far as Nobility goes. Quietly wants to be a Bann but may never achieve it
  • Distrusts mages and magic (but has a younger brother who could become a mage)
  • Family also includes:

    • Kaila – a little sister (~10 years old)

    • Blaken – father

    • ?? – mother, died during childbirth (must’ve been during Kaila’s birth)

  • Family has an Elven labourer named Tillan, who turns out to be a mage
  • Tolerates Dwarves and Elves

    Last Adventure

  • fought white wolves
  • writing in blood – Mythel=vengenance
  • hid Elf maiden (Shara) with Tillan at farm
  • retrieved large silver chain link
  • Elves started going missing
  • Group fought elves and bossman
  • Group fought Elven dragonspawn


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