Dragon Age Beginnings

The Dalish Curse

part 2

While staying in Vintiver Antonio was visited by the Town Warden, Tarl Dale as well as being joined by Gui, an Orlesian. Antonio and Gui made their way out to the farm where the rest of the companions were stayng and prepared to follow Eshara to the shrine she had escaped from.

The party left the farm and after a short time were set upon by angry villagers led by the town blacksmith, Coulan. Scaring most of them away and knocking 2 out, including Coulan, they continued on arriving at the old elvish camp. They discovered footprints and debris indicating that survivors had been led away.

Camping at the site with glyphs of protection they were attacked by a number of blighted creatures which after a bloody fight they managed to defeat. they are now preparing to head into the thick Brecelian Forest to find the shrine and any survivors.


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