Dragon Age Beginnings

A Bann Too Many continued

The party talked to some of the inhabitants of Loggerwold and found out the a group of loggers had left the village about a week previously to try to continue the logging despite the threat of attack with many of their families camped at Trewin’s logging compound.

Dealia, who seems to have taken a liking to Antonio invited herself along explaining that she has some knowledge of the woods and skill in sneaking through them.

Heading into the ever thickening woods the party came across the logger’s camp. They seemed to be cut down to the man with a few strung up perhaps as a warning. The savagery of the attack effecting them all especially Dealia who knew them all.

The party decided to lay an ambush, first burning the victims for a proper burial releasing the souls to the Maker and seeing if they could lure the attackers back to investigate. This they did enticing two scouts to check out the activity. They sprung their trap killing one while the other made to escape. He was captured but was killed by Dealia after a very short interrogation by but at least they discovered the direction to head.

Following the trail the fought their way through an ambush until they found the bandit camp. Sneaking past a sleeping lookout the moved into position to observe the encampment of Waldric the Gore-Hand.


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